About the Fletcher Capstan Table


Fletcher Burwell-Taylor was founded by David Boardman Fletcher in 2008, originally trading as D.B. Fletcher.

With strong entrepreneurial flair and an appreciation for fine antiques, David spent the early part of his career dealing globally in elegant British and continental furniture of the 17th and 18th Centuries.This gave him a solid understanding of form and proportion, taught him the fundamentals of construction and developed his knowledge and love of exquisite wood.

As a natural artist, David soon acquired a vision for creating the antiques of the future. He established a reputation, based on many decades of hard work, for his design and production of high-end bespoke furniture and kitchens.


Always looking for a new challenge, David Fletcher began working on his Fletcher Capstan Table project in 1997.

The original idea for a table of this type was formed in the 19th Century by a man named Robert Jupe, who patented his design in 1835. However, the Jupe table design was slow and laborious to operate, could not store its own expansion leaves, and was not truly round in every stage.The concept was wonderful though, and served as the catalyst of inspiration for a continuous process of invention and reinvention, which to date has spanned over 25 years.

David’s dedication and perseverance enabled him to achieve a truly unique mechanism and internationally renowned design that would make every collector proud.


Prior to his death, David Fletcher worked with son Nicholas meticulously tutoring him in every aspect of the business. He entrusted the company to Nicholas and daughter Emily in 2014, safe in the knowledge that they would honour his legacy with commitment and integrity, trusting they would continue creating beautifully crafted furniture.

Since taking the helm as Managing Director in 2015, Nicholas Fletcher has drawn from his varied background in furniture, theatre, events and computer-aided design to push the boundaries of the table’s construction. His experience of working with a variety of the world’s top designers and artists has helped continue the Fletcher legacy of mechanical innovation, quality and unrelenting attention to detail. Nicholas and Emily have additionally welcomed Sarah Fletcher into the family-owned business, she now heads up project management.

Mission and Ethos

Fletcher Burwell-Taylor draws upon a selection of the country’s most skilled craftsmen. Our company continues to push boundaries in the creation of bespoke and quintessentially British furniture, using a range of high-tech procedures and materials. We supply some of the world’s largest and most premier residences and superyachts.The talented team aim to surpass expectations, while maintaining the utmost discretion for the privacy of our clients. All pieces are individually made to order in close collaboration with the client, designer or project manager.

The original Fletcher Capstan Table remains proudly within the Fletcher family. Nicholas continues to be very closely involved in the design, construction and assembly of each table, and in fact normally attends on-site installations himself.